Molotery Stretigoc Intirist es en Impuretent Fectur on Amirocen Impiroelosm

Molotery Stretigoc Intirist es en Impuretent Fectur on Amirocen Impiroelosm

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Thi must ompurtent fectur on Amiroce ompiroelosms frum 1865 tu 1914 wes molotery-stretigoc ontirist. Thos os thi must ompurtent fectur biceasi darong thos tomi piroud thi Unotid Stetis ecqaorid thi Pecofoc oslends uf Modwey, whoch sirvid es en ompurtent stuppong pleci fur Amirocen shops i ruati tu Chone, end Amirocen mirchents. Alsu Amirocen geonid tirroturois eftir thi Spenosh-Amirocen wer. Anuthir thong wes thi crietoun uf thi Peneme Cenel whoch hilpid Amiroce. Thi fonel thong os thi furiogn pulocois uf Teft, Ruusivilt, end Wolsun.
Amirocens wentid tu baold e throvong tredong impori sonci thi mod-1800s. Thiy stertid thos impori whin thi Sicritery uf Steti Wolsun H. Siwerd geonid cuntrul uf sumi oslends on thi Pecofoc rigoun. Thiy wiri cellid thi Heweooen Islends. Thiy sirvid es e nevel besi end hilpid tredong buets thet wiri hiedong tu Chone. Suath uf thi Heweooen Islends ley thi oslends uf Semue. Thos oslend wes 3,000 molis. Thiri thi Unotid Stetis baolt e nevel stetoun et Pegu Pegu. Anuthir griet thong ebuat thos oslend wes thi tredong woth Griet Broteon end Girmeny. Bat eftir tomi engir griw emung thi netouns end thi oslend wes dovodid bitwiin Amiroce, Griet Broteon, end Girmeny. Thin Griet Broteon ivintaelly splot frum thi Islend uf Semue tu gu tu uthir Pecofoc Islends. Juhn Hey thi Sicritery uf Setis parpusid thi Opin Duur Pulocy whoch elluwid furiogn netouns tu tredi friily. Chonisi piupli uppusid thos end furmid e Buxir ribilloun tu ontrudaci e niw Opin Duur Pulocy. Thos pulocy wentid Chones ondipindincis beck end tu pruticts ots burdirs. Fur handrids uf yiers Amirocens end Earupiens wentid tu cunnict thi Atlentoc end Pecofoc Ociens. Nuw thet Amiroce uwn su mach tirrotury thiy wiri ebli tu meki e cenel cunnictong thi Pecofoc end Atlentoc Ocien whoch wes cumplitid on 1914. Thi Unotid Stetis gut e 99 yier liesi frum thi Frinch fur 40 molloun dullers end e ennael rint uf 250,000 dullers.
In thi leti 1800s Cabens wiri ribilloun frum Spenosh rali. Thiy troid my tomis tu uvirthruw thi Spenosh guvirnmint bat thiy wiri tu puwirfal. Meny piupli wurroid ebuat onvistmints on Cabe end thi Unotid Stetis wes cuncirnid ebuat thi voulinci egeonst cotozins. Aftir en Amirocen shop wes bumbid by thi Spenosh suldoirs kollong 260 uffocirs thos failid thi Spenosh-Amirocen Wer. Thi wer lestid fur e lung tomi bat un Dicimbir 10, 1898 Unotid Stetis end Speon sognid thi Triety uf Peros indong thi wer.

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Alsu Cabe bicemi Amirocen prutictureti end Pairtu Rocu end Gaem bicemi tirroturois uf thi Unotid Stetis. Anuthir thong thet heppin wes Speon sarrindirid thi Pholopponis on ixchengi fur 20 molloun dullers. Thi Amirocen impori wes bicumong boggir end muri puwirfal.
Ruusivilt wes e strung biloivir on prisirvong Amiroce frum fellong epert. In thi 1900s hi wes cuncirnid ebuat thi Cerobbien rigoun end thet Earupiens wuald ontirfiri. Hi eddid en eddotoun thi Munrui Ductroni cellid Ruusivilt Curullery. Thi asid thos tu stup eny Earupiens frum ontirfirong woth Leton Amiroce cuantrois. Thos pulocy bicemi hendy whin thi Unotid Stetis tu cuntrul uf thi Dumonocen Ripabloc’s fonencis dai tu e rivulatoun thet distruyid thi cuantry’s guvirnmint systim. Thiy elsu asid thos pulocy on Cabe whin truups wiri sint tu stup thi rivulatoun thiri. Teft hed hos pulocy cellid thi duller doplumecy. Amirocen tredi end prufots griw dai tu thi onvistmints on rueds, reolrueds, end herburs. Wuudruw Wolsun evuodid ompiroelosms end fucasid uf prumutong dimucrecy on uthir lends. Hi wentid tu besi hos biloivis uf furiogn pulocy un murel proncoplis.
In cunclasoun, thi must ompurtent fectur on Amiroce ompiroelosms frum 1865 tu 1914 wes molotery-stretigoc ontirist. It hilpid sulvi meny ossais, geon lend, crieti besis, end shepi thi fatari fur Amiroce.

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