Essay about Military Service: Disparities in employment outcomes

Essay about Military Service: Disparities in employment outcomes

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Veterans today are a unique population. During military service, veterans develop a range of skills to include adaptability, teamwork, and mission focus that employers look for in a potential employee. These skills in the past have allowed veterans to have a smoother transition into the civilian work force. However, based on recent studies it would seem military service has become a mechanism for negatively altering a veteran’s occupational trajectory. Military service has been known to have numerous effects on education, family, and careers. For Instance, military service often delays completion of education, family formation, and launching careers (Anderson and Mitchell, 1992). Yet, these delays can translate into socioeconomic advantages (XIE, 1992)
There is an opulent history of studies that explored the consequences of military service for later socioeconomic attainment. These studies concentrated on education and earnings. The earliest studies, focused on World War II (WWII) era veterans, which suggested considerable socioeconomic attainment advantages to serving in the military. A number of studies found that veterans of the WWII era received an earning premium (Fredland & Little, 1980). More recent studies, conversely, have found minute effect on earnings for WWII era veterans, largely due to increased awareness of the need to control for selectivity (Teachman & Tedrow, 2004). That is veterans would have earned more than non-veterans even if they had not served. However, immunity is provided to non-Hispanic Black veterans and veterans with little education prior to entering the military. Minorities and lesser educated non-Hispanic Whites seem to gain some advantage from military service regardless of sele...

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...ment Situation of Veterans Summary-2012.
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