Essay about Military Service As A Hero

Essay about Military Service As A Hero

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From the beginning of mankind there has always been some sort of conflict or another. Rival tribes clashing with shield and spear, men sending bullets hurtling at each other, and nations dropping bombs that seem as powerful as the sun, in nearly all of these conflicts, between two groups of people united whether by birth or cause and set against another group just like them, there has been death. Death is a powerful thing in the eyes of everyday people. Ripping husbands away from wives, sons away from mothers, and fathers away from children, death in war has been no stranger to humanity. In today 's world, there is still bloody conflict in the world, and there will always be a need for brave men and women to settle these conflicts. And like the wars of days past there is still death today, and there are still families who have loved ones come home in a box. Military service has become a very valiant thing that is often regarded as something a hero would do. There are countless stories from men and women who get to go home to their families, while those they tell about, they do not. This can have quite a lasting effect on a soldier, sailor or airman, and the pain it brings can translate directly over to their families. Many problems are faced by families with a deployed family member, even when they come home. There are many more problems faced by families who 's loved ones do not come home. The effects of military deployment become large problems for some people to deal with. Extended military deployments create a vast range of negative emotional and financial effects on families that can change the way they operate at home and emotionally. Children are especially susceptible to emotional stress and instability compar...

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...aunting. And they are. It can be very difficult for the parent, dealing with many of the same stressors as the children, but having to appear to be fine as to set a strong example for their children. Generally, the father is the one deployed, and while there are families with the mother in an active duty situation, the majority of the time the mother becomes essentially a single mom raising children on her own.
While frequent moves, absence of the military parent, and other stresses are common for military families, the deployment of a parent to a combat zone represents a challenge of a different magnitude. For the parent who stays behind (usually the mother) increased family responsibilities, financial issues, isolation, and fear for their spouse 's safety can cause anxiety, loneliness, sadness, and a feeling of being overwhelmed. (How Deployment Stress)

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