Essay on Military Review Board For Police And Minority Groups

Essay on Military Review Board For Police And Minority Groups

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Civilian review boards have become an essential in many states dealing with an indecent use of police force. A civilian review board consists of people that are appointed to special boards to review the task of the police deciding whether to incriminate them or withdraw any/ all consequences. The first review board was established in 1950 when 18 organizations created the “Permanent Coordination Committee on Police and Minority Groups” to regulate the police brutality amongst Hispanics and African-American (CRCB History). Three years later New York City took action and created what we know as a Civilian Review Board, however it consisted of three deputy police commissioners that investigated resident complaints. In 1965 Mayor John Lindsay felt the need to comfort civilians and allow them to have an opinion in what’s happening between police and other figures. However, it wasn’t until 1987 that the civilian review board was established including citizens in situations rather than police. They weren’t as powerful as they can be today being that they were being supervised by department employees and investigated along with police department investigators.
The importance of having civilian review board is vital. Sometimes the police may use their force in an injustice way according to citizens and they should be penalized for it. In this research paper, I will explain the need for civilian review boards along with the pros and cons. I will also explain a few cases where police force was used inappropriately which explains why civilian boards are essential.
There have been numerous acts of crime where the police used their force too quickly. Without review boards, many police or acts of authority aren’t penalized because they were u...

... middle of paper ...

...oceeds to give it to the board. Three board members review the case and decided whether the police officer was unjust or not. If they believe the police office was being unjust, the case is taken to the police commissioner who decides the disciplinary act that the office should proceed. As shown in Figure.2, each year the rate of disciplinary actions taken against the officer increases. It shows that the board is constantly growing and becoming more powerful in helping citizens fight for justice against the police.
Civilian review boards are essential to each inhabitant of the city. Not only does it provide an extra sense of safety but it also provides satisfaction. People are able to know that acts of police brutality or extra force are unjust. Now there are people who are as powerful as an authoritative figure and they’re able to take actions against the officer.

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