Military Organizations And Terrorist Groups Essay

Military Organizations And Terrorist Groups Essay

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Such a scenario could potentially have far greater effects than physical infrastructure attack due to the destabilizing effects these types of attacks can have on a nation’s economy and ability to govern effectively (Lawson, 2011).  This type of scenario may seem less shocking because it doesn’t lead to immediate death or casualties, but it plays in, very-well, to the current theme of many extremist terrorist groups that seek ways to undermine their enemies (Danner, 2005).  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that the 9/11 attacks resulted in $28 billion in losses from physical assets plus the initial cleanup and rescue efforts. The attack is also considered to be one of the greatest insurance disasters in history, with losses totaling nearly $32 billion for business interruption, workers compensation, loss of life and other liabilities (Wolk, 2005).

Some experts believe that criminal organizations and terrorist groups will continue to mature in terms of technological capabilities for utilizing technology and for attacking technology (Raine, Connolly, & Anderson, 2014).  Recruitment of individuals with specialized skills is likely as is the likelihood that terrorists will employ criminals with specialized experience.  Additionally, terrorists will employ increasingly employ advances in technology.  One example is the use of encryption to hide communications from law enforcement.  It is believed that ISIS and at least 75 other Islamic state organization were using a new encrypted chat application called Telegram to communicate (Reisinger, 2015).  Such technology advances that can improve privacy and protect confidential information can also be used effectively by terrorists to avoid detection by l...

... middle of paper ... element within many of the other sectors including the transportation, financial, energy, and communications sectors (Homeland Security Information, 2015).

Since 1996, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has operated a program called InfraGard for the purpose of exchanging intelligence, crime, and security information with the private sector.  Infragard began as an information technology focused program but has since expanded to include a variety of industries.  The FBI reports that Infragard now has over 80 local chapters and more than 50 thousand members including representation from 70% Fortune 500 companies (About Infragard, n.d.).  Other government led initiatives including the see something, say something and stop, think, connect campaigns may prove valuable by raising awareness of threats and by encouraging the public to report suspicious activities.

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