The Military Family Life Counselor Program On Joint Base Mcguire Dix Lakehurst

The Military Family Life Counselor Program On Joint Base Mcguire Dix Lakehurst

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For my interview assignment, I got to spend time with and talk to Joan Upole. She is part of the Military Family Life Counselor program on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. It was very rewarding and insightful getting to speak to her on the counseling field and her job working with military individuals and their families. It is encouraging to see programs like this as I can see a positive difference and change from when I first joined in 2002, to present day. The change is in the perception of getting mental help or seeking and receiving counseling. Mrs. Upole was encouraged by that as well as she has been in that position for ten years working with the military.
Mrs. Upole pursued her Master’s Degree from West Virginia in Clinical Counseling. She is a Certified Mental Health Counselor out of New York but currently works on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey. The target population she works with is active duty military and their families providing non-medical, solution counseling. We did discuss how counseling in a growing field and some states do allow for counselors to diagnose mental and emotional disorders. According to Granello, D. H. & Young, M. E. (2012), New York and New Jersey are not states that allow counselors to diagnose mental and emotional disorders, but thirty-one states do allow it. While she is a counselor, two of her coworkers are social workers but they are involved in the same program. It was interesting to hear about how these careers can work together smoothly in a program such as this.
While counseling is in its infancy and the field is growing, it is important to belong to some of the different professional counselor organizations. Mrs. Upole currently belongs to the New York Me...

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...she did offer was not to take it personally and as an addictions counselor be ready to embrace failure, as some of your clients may relapse or even worse die from an overdose. You will go through rough times as a counselor but to remember life does go on. Be careful with your emotions as you do not want them to transfer to another client in a different session negatively.
My interview and time with Mrs. Upole was very insightful and encouraging about the counseling field. I got to get better informed about the Military Family Life Counselor program and the services they offer. As a military supervisor, the services provided there will be something I will highly recommend to my service members to take advantage.

Granello, D.H. & Young, M.E. (2012). Counseling today: Foundations of professional identity. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. 

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