Essay on Military Expertise Is The Reason We Win Our Nation 's Wars

Essay on Military Expertise Is The Reason We Win Our Nation 's Wars

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Our society is results based and the hard truth is that if we do not fight and win our Nation’s wars, we would not have the American people’s trust. Military expertise is the reason we win our Nation’s wars. I believe the idea of trust as our foundation is a great goal but unfortunately, it is not the case. Without our military expertise, esprit de corps would not exist within our ranks, Soldiers would not serve honorably, and we would find ourselves with far fewer stewards of the profession. Military expertise is the reason we fight our Nation 's wars, it keeps our Nation faithful to our profession and gives us an ethical and moral foundation to win on the battlefield.
According to ADRP 1, “the Army exists to provide a specific service that society cannot provide for itself.”1 The thought of apprehension under another Nation’s will is the vilest situation we could ever face. The magnitude of that thought proves the importance our military has and the effects if the Army fails. In its meekest terms, failure is not an option. Our families, friends, and Nation, depend on us. When a coach or team is doing well, it is easy for those around him to have all the great characteristics associated with a military professional. A winning team earns the trust of its fans, the administration office, and most importantly that of the players. When you win championships, esprit de corps couldn’t be more prevalent for both the players of your team and Soldiers of your organization. As a coach you want your player to “buy in” to your program. Equally, Army leaders want their Soldiers to buy into the Nation’s ethics, morals, and values. True leaders put the team or the organization ahead of themselves and fight for it, hence serving honorably. They...

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...trators reasons to invest millions of dollars to support us and what we do. It gives our families and friends a sense of pride to know that they know someone who serves and fights on the greatest team on Earth. We fight and we win every time.
Our military expertise epitomizes why we are the greatest military in the World. It is through military expertise that all values and characteristics of professional service are attained. We have a job and we do it better than anyone else in the world. We train, study and constantly evaluate where we stand as a team and we are always trying to find better ways to do it. We have the best equipment in the world matched with the most educated leaders. This is why military expertise is the bedrock of our profession. When you are the best at your job, everything else works itself out, just like that of a winning football team.

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