Military Entrance Processing Station At Marine Corps Recruit Depot Essay

Military Entrance Processing Station At Marine Corps Recruit Depot Essay

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Mr. Shordon works with me at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, he is the P.A “Physician Assistant” for Recruit Processing where our job consist of processing Marine Corps recruits medical matters during their 13 weeks of training. During this time, the recruit/patient will come to us to keep up with all vaccines or any medical or personal problems they need, it is our duty to make sure they are in their best conditions to proceed with training. Mr. Shordon’s nickname is “Doc,” he carries a lot of responsibility, not as much as a doctor but still a reasonable amount. When USMC recruits come to boot camp he must make sure to re-review medical history, do physical examinations, forward the recruits to get an X-ray, audio exam, eye examinations, and blood test to make sure there were no other concerns not known from their first processing center at (MEPS) “Military Entrance Processing Station”
I have a good ability to read what people are thinking or maybe predictability? But he said that good leadership comes with personal development, and that comes with educating yourself. He said that he was not born being a leader, but acknowledging his weaknesses helped guide him to where he is now as a leader. He said that many times misguided leaders don’t like to be vulnerable or be told they are wrong because they connect their purpose with their emotions and get use to standing on the leaders platform. Meaning they don’t have the right reason why they want to be a leader, if you ask a leader why he or she is a leader and they tell you “because I am a doctor with 3 PhD’s and 2 masters degree, therefore you will be wrong and I’m right.” If this comes down to asking your opinion on an open discussion then that’s the wrong reason. He said a good le...

... middle of paper ... His leader always tells him, if there is an issue or concern to let him know because his priorities are Dr. Gurlaski too.
Major Leadership Challenges
Once again he said, I served 23 years in the Navy and I was a senior chief, E-9, I had to relearn, readjust to another type of leadership style. It was hard headed and refused on several occasion to change my military leadership style I was accustom for 23 years and now I have to change to proper civilian leadership style. It’s difficult, at first I didn’t understand, but the only way I got better was to learn and educate myself with personal development education. On several occasions, nurses thought I was a mean individual that didn’t care about anyone, that’s because I am no longer in the Navy! But all of these things needed to happen in order for me to know what my mistake was and improved in time.

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