Essay on Military Drones Used for Terrorism Prevention

Essay on Military Drones Used for Terrorism Prevention

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Throughout the world, every day, there are many terrorist activities occurring. Many of which occur in areas where there are communities of people living around there. Yet, how is the military supposed to stop these terrorists? Nowadays the military has begun using drones to stop these savages from causing any more damage. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which are used for both surveillance and targeting specified suspects. They can either be piloted by someone on the ground or they can be programmed to follow a certain flight track. Since the early 2000's, the military has begun using drones to hunt down and kill these terrorists. At first, they were only used as an "eye in the sky"; watching over the terrorists and sending back live images to the military. But since 2004, the military has begun using these drones not only as surveillance but also as hunt and kill mechanisms. In turn, due to increasing terrorist activities especially around Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, drones are becoming the solution for the military since they are both very convenient and very effective.
Due to evolution and technological advancements, the military is able to use many different types of drones for different "jobs". Usually, drones are used when manned flight is too dangerous. They use precision strikes to target and kill suspected terrorists while also providing live images and surveillance for up to 17 hours ("Drones"). Two drones in specific are very common in the military for performing these tasks. The MQ-1B Predator drone is used in "medium altitude, long endurance" missions in which it usually provides images and other resourceful information the military might need (Levs). Whereas, the MQ-9 Reaper drones is used pri...

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... the military to use in extinguishing terrorist from performing any more wrongdoings and should remain in use for times to come.
In the end, the use of drones for military purposes should continue due to their efficiency and convenience. Not only do they help in times in which manned flight is too dangerous, but they are also the reason through surveillance that the U.S. Military was able to send men into Bin Laden's compound and have most of them come out in good condition while completing the mission they were sent to finish. Also, they are constantly evolving with new technology making them even more of a lethal, yet effective way of expelling terrorists without harming others. Thus, through technological advancement along with evolution, drones should remain in military use because they are efficient, effective, and very convenient for the military.

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