Military Drones And Its Impact On Our Lives Essay

Military Drones And Its Impact On Our Lives Essay

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Technology in today’s society has advanced so much in our lifetime that we use it in our daily lives. Whether it’s using our cell phones to communicate with others, watching television for entertainment, or using our computers to search the web, we definitely consider technology to be a positive attribute to fulfill our needs. However, when we look at the use of technology in the military, we can identify horrific situations on something like the use of drones and how they kill innocent civilians. Americans are unaware of the fact that U.S. military drones are inaccurate to accomplishing human tasks. For example, a target on one terrorist group can lead to a mass kill of hundreds of innocent lives because the drones are incapable of identifying innocent civilians versus terrorists. If the United States continues to launch drones, it could make other countries manufacture drones and take on revenge. This results in a lose/lose situation and must be stopped! The use of military drones must be discontinued as they do more harm than good.
Military drones are seen to do have negative effects. “On April 23, 2015, President Barack Obama apologized for the deaths of two al-Qaida hostages—one American and one Italian—who were killed during a U.S. drone strike operation in Pakistan” (qtd. in Brody). Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto were both abducted by al-Qaida operatives and killed in one of the two January strikes made by U.S. military drones (Brody). Unlike humans, drones are unable to identify and locate specific targets most of the time, making them blind to take out terrorist groups. During the strike, their plan was to take out all the al-Qaida members and extract the hostages to safety. Although, unaware of the hostages tha...

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...iott, the outcome of the strikes was disputed. United States officials told the Associated Press that they targeted Al Qaeda-linked militants that were heavily armed and acted in a steady manner. Officials said about 20 militants were killed, but Pakistani officials said it was a meeting for tribesmen and villages; providing the Associated Press with evidence that state 38 civilians were killed (Currier). It’s clear to say that the United States has indeed covered up evidence when an incident happens, and tries to come up with excuses to avoid consequences.
Even cartoons like the ones below have depicted what U.S. military drones are like when seen in another country (fig. 1). The “spreading usage” or “advancing technology” is just a way to make Americans think of drones as a positive use. Other countries, on the other hand, know that they are nothing but trouble.

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