Essay on Military Censorship

Essay on Military Censorship

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The ability of the military to censor what the media puts out to the public is greatly needed in the Unites States. A lot of times the media grabs hold of information and makes a huge deal out of it, even if it’s the simplest thing. And it may not all be true. Every news channel wants to cover the “big story,” and they’re going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Whether it’s by changing or adding false information, or attempting the make a bigger deal out of the story to draw more attention and viewers. As Marcus Luttrell says in his book, Lone Survivor, “…the media thinks it's absolutely fine to take a wild guess at the truth and then tell a couple of million people it's cast-iron fact” (331). People will most likely believe it and start talking about it more. A lot of times, when it comes to military events or secrets that get out, military lives can be put in danger, as well as our own. Not everything needs to be censored, just the things that happen with our military that could be dangerous to us. Without censorship, enemy spies or terrorists can grab hold of some of the information and use it against us, the public won’t have mixed emotions on whether or not to support the military at the time, and lives will be saved every day when we keep our military secrets contained.
One of the biggest reasons for the military to censor news stories is to keep the information contained away from enemy spies or terrorists. Information spreads quickly these days with the internet and all the other new technology. Spies or terrorists inside the country have access to most news channels and can see what’s going on, and everyone in the world with an internet connection can see what is put online from here. Who knows, “the enemy mi...

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