Militant Anti-Colonialism in Africa and the West: Annotated Bibliography

Militant Anti-Colonialism in Africa and the West: Annotated Bibliography

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The biography of Abd el- Kader as outlined by Chisholm and Hugh (1911)
It was on September 6, 1808 when Abd el-Kader was born in a place near Mascara in Algeria. At the time of his birth, Algeria had been under the Turkish rule. Abd el-Kader is known as the founder of the Algeria state and a religious and military leader who led the Algerians in their struggle against French domination. Even before joining military, Abd el-Kader had gained fame as an educated and religious person, capable of exciting his fellow religion followers with poems. Moreover, he was well known for his physical handsomeness and simplicity
During his youth, in 1830, Algeria was invaded by France and the French colonial surpassed the Ottoman Empire. Abd el-Kader was made an Amir after two years of French invasions. He began a rebellion against the French, gaining support from various tribes in Algeria. He used guerrilla warfare against the French which was successful and gained him victory. Interestingly, his courtesy was not only for his fellow Algerians. His courtesy also spread to the French since at one occasion, he released French captives on the grounds that he did not have enough food to feed them.
Fight against the French colonial went on successfully but in 1837, Abd el-Kader recognized French authority in Oran and Algiers. Similarly, France recognized Abd el-Kader’s authority in the other part of Algeria. This treaty did not last for long before Abd el-Kader renewed resistance against the French. With the French power growing stronger, Abd el-Kader surrendered to the French.
Abd el-Kader and his family were detained in France until October 1852 when he was released by Napoleon III. He was given an annual pension of 100 000 francs on taking an ...

... middle of paper ...

... brain damage while in a cell in the Pretoria Central Prison. He is remembered for his black consciousness that finally resulted to his death.

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