Essay on Mildred Bond and the Great Migration : A Remarkable Family Woman

Essay on Mildred Bond and the Great Migration : A Remarkable Family Woman

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To future generations,

Since founded in 1829, Decatur Illinois has been a medium sized, working-middle class town that has dwelled on the values of family and hard work. “Back when I moved here, Decatur was very affluent, and was a great place to raise a family,” My great-grandmother Mildred explained. Grandma Mildred was born as Mildred Ligon in Brownsville, Tennessee on October 5th, 1936. It wasn’t until November 10th, 1955 that 19-year-old high school graduate, Mildred and her husband, Albert-Lee, would travel north to Decatur in search of better job opportunities, and to start a new generation of love.
Just days before moving to Decatur, the couple had gotten marriage licenses and declared their love for each other in a small town in Mississippi. To this day, Mildred has no idea why they had to get married in Mississippi, she had no prior knowledge of state, and assumed that it had something to do with limited amount of places for Negros to go and get their marriage licenses at that time. Coincidentally, the time period of which Mildred and Albert-Lee were heading to Decatur was within the same time period of the great migration.
Mildred had no idea that she would be a part of such a migration. To her, she was just moving north for the sake of her husband’s new job. Before she would move to Decatur, Albert-Lee had to first visit Decatur where he would stay with some close friends who had already moved to Decatur from the south. Once Albert-Lee had found a place to call home, and was granted his job at Wagner’s Casting Company, he then travelled back to Brownsville, Tennessee to retrieve his wife. Thus, the start of the Bond family was created.
“Once we got to Decatur, we didn’t have much; we were just as poor as could...

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...He played a key role in the re-development of Mildred’s spiritual being, and taught her everything she needed to know about her presidency of the usher board, as well as the many other leadership positions she would take on in the future. “He always had the best advice about personal issues too,” Mildred added. Bishop Morgan would make often house visits keeping her spirituality and morality true. The bishop would also be the one to assist her with the growth of her two boys as her husband, Albert-Lee would soon pass away in 1993 due to heart failure.
To this day, 77-year-old Mildred Ligon-Bond has been an inspiration, a leader, a disciplinarian, and a mother for many. She is the last living relative of her immediate family, which consisted of her two parents, along with 8 other siblings. The legacy of this powerful woman will live on for many generations to come.

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