Miimum Wage and Power to the People Essay

Miimum Wage and Power to the People Essay

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Alternative Three – Power to the people
The third and final alternative minimum wage is to allow the local people in the community vote on a living wage. This alternative would put all the power in the hands of the people; allowing them to decide what is best for their neighborhoods. If the people are allowed to vote in such matters, they will be permitted to use their voice and at the very least express their concerns with the gaps in minimum wage and cost of living in their community. However, there are drawbacks to this plan such as it would be unfair for the people to not be properly trained and insist on skilled labor wages. Therefore, there would need to be some sort of educational or training plan in place to ensure the people in the community are able to supply the workforce of the businesses in the area (Miller, 2013). The advantages of this plan would be the people being allowed to decide what is best for their community without federal governmental interference. The lack of governmental involvement may prove to be very successful for local communities. This would be true in the case of minimum wage because there are some towns that would benefit from more input from the local people as opposed to federal intervention (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis). I believe it was the definitive strategy of our founding fathers for the power to remain with the people. Some years later we have gotten away from that, most issues are being decided indirectly by our representatives.
Evaluative Criteria
The efficiency of any policy is extremely important for many reasons, with the nation being in growing debt it is critical not to be wasteful. According to Kraft and Furlong (2013), Efficiency is the means used to validate...

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...ocalities: http://www.governing.com/gov-data/economy-finance/minimum-wage-workers-by-state-statistics-2013-totals.html
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