Essay on The Migration Of The European Migration Crisis

Essay on The Migration Of The European Migration Crisis

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What new geography has emerged between their source and current destination and where they intend to go in Europe?

The European migration crisis is millions of people leaving their home country fleeing to Europe because of war and terrorism. This is a forced migration and it is a stepwise migration. These people that are fleeing their country to get to a safer place are called refugees. When people leave their home country and enter a new country they become immigrants. By having all of these migrants leaving their home countries trying to find a new place has cause new geography to emerge. This new geography was not a naturally occurring thing; it was forced because of political, environmental, and social reasons. Europe was not prepared for millions of refugees and migrants to come so it caused the new geography for the refugees to be unpleasant. First, the refugees and migrants had to leave their home and take only what they could carry on their back. These refugees came from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Eritrea, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, and many other countries that are having problems with war and terrorism. Most refugees and migrants have to be smuggled over to Europe so it is very dangerous and many people die on the journey. The refugees and migrants got to Europe on boats, rafts, and by walking. They were willing to do whatever it took to reach a safe place. These are people traveling thousands of miles that have probably never been more than a few miles from their home where they lived their whole life. This leads them to a brand new environment that they are not used too. If they survive the journey with all of the new geographies and challenges that they have to face along the way they have another new geography ...

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...g to reach Europe has continued to rise” (Chan, 2015). In the future, I predict that all of the source countries will be forced by the EU to solve their problems so that people do not keep coming to Europe. Hopefully the issue can be resolved peacefully but if not I see the EU coming together and fighting against the countries that don’t resolve their issues on their own. I predict the ultimate destinations of the refugees and migrants will be all over the world. Most countries will take in refugees and migrants and over the next few years the refugees and migrants will migrate to a place that gives them a better standard of living and will improve different aspects of their lifes. Overall, I predict that the European migration crisis will be solved in the next few years. When it is solved people will no longer have to leave their country by force only voluntarily.

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