Migrant Crisis And Its Effects On The European Union Essay

Migrant Crisis And Its Effects On The European Union Essay

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Migrant Crisis Explained
Greater than one million migrants and refugees have crossed into Europe in 2015. A crisis was ignited due to countries having difficulties with coping with a large influx of people. The massive inflow created a division in The European Union and raised the question of weather these people should be allowed in or not. People need an escape from the articriouies that are they dealing with and the European countries are the one of the few that are helping. Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Malta and Germany have already begun to take in migrants but the efforts are still not enough to cope with the large influx of people.
The conflict in Syria is a major contributor of the influx, but there are other instances of violence in Afghanistan, abuses in Eritrea and poverty in Kosovo that leading people to look for new lives elsewhere (BBC News). The voyage from Libya to Italy is long and dangerous. According to the International Organization for Migration, more than 3,695 migrants have been reported dead trying to cross this year and the majority of them died crossing from North Africa.
Countries like Bulgaria are accepting of the migrants, but there are reports of abusive behaviors from the police in the country, such as physical violence and attacked by police dogs against migrants (BBC). The Bulgarian government still has not responded to any of these allegations. Last month an Afghan migrant was shot dead by a Bulgarian border guard after entering the country from turkey and officials said he was killed by the ricochet of a bullet fired as a warning to the migrants. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees spokesman Boris Cheskhikov said the agency was "deeply shocked" by the tragedy and ...

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... nations will not be subjected by some person babbling on topics that cannot they themsevels cannot comprehend and still managing to rule a nation. Rather, you would have a consensus of the most qualified people taking care of your country instead of some incompetent dictator.
One other way that this issue could be resolved is that instead of having these European aid budgets being exhausted by caring for the refugees is to have them join the workforce of each of these countries. The countries in Europe become the new Ellis Island for the migrants. Even though it might have a slow start, the end result is what is more important in the end. The same situation was presented to the United States when people heard of all the opportunities this country had. People thought the roads in America were paved with gold, but something better was found, a land of opportunities.

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