Middle School Teacher Interview : An Sixth Grade Gifted Language Arts Teacher

Middle School Teacher Interview : An Sixth Grade Gifted Language Arts Teacher

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Middle School Teacher Interview
On October 26th, 2016, I had a phone interview with Mrs. Alexsundra Henry, who is an eighth grade gifted language arts teacher at Richards Middle School. She has been a middle school teacher for over twenty years and had experience teaching grade levels sixth to eighth grade. To be a middle school teacher, it is required to have a Bachelor’s degree of education and have at least a minimum of 6 months to 1 year of teaching experience. However, Mrs. Henry took a different educational direction by receiving her Bachelors in mass communications (similar to English) and Master’s in education.
About the required KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, other characteristics) of being a school teacher, it is crucial to have teachers know firmly about their subject material in order to lecture their students. Also, they should know that every student learns differently and they should have the flexibility instruct the material. Also, teachers should learn appropriate disciplinary styles and techniques. About the required skills for the job, communication skills are crucial in order for teachers to teach and engage with their students. When it comes to dealing with students and their parents, teachers should have strong interpersonal skills. Next, they should have the ability to manage discipline in a classroom to maintain order, control, and respect from their students or else students will not be able to learn functionally. Lastly, middle school teachers must have other characteristics like being a good listener and being a good public speaker in order to engage with their students.
About the typical day on the job, middle school teachers work five days a week (Monday-Friday) and usually 40 hours a week (9...

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...ently, she would limit less standardized testing to only once a year and limit constant assessments in order for teachers and students to further prepare.
In closing, Mrs. Henry can see the job changing over the years as more young educators join the educational industry. Hiring new young middle school teachers can be beneficial due to the new technology being developed to provide ease with teaching and grading. For example, ten years ago, teacher used overheads projectors to showcase their lessons and now, teachers can just use their computer that is connected to a ceiling projector to show their lesson on screen without struggle. Georgia curriculum will most likely change overtime due to more technology use because students are now allowed to use laptops or tablets in class. However, the constant need of meeting standardized test score goals will remain the same.

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