The Middle Class And Lower Class Essay

The Middle Class And Lower Class Essay

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Throughout history, there has always been an upper, middle and lower class. What makes people behave and react to situations that occur throughout their life is what makes them who they are and the way the entire world is now. As the social classes in the United States of America become more and more separated into an upper class or lower class, the middle class is slowly depleting. Whether a person strives for greatness or simply bows down and decides his or her fate as a lazy person, the lives of every human being that has ever lived on Earth is what has made this world the way it is today. As more and more of the lower class depend on the government to survive and greater tax breaks given to the upper class the middle class is deteriorating. With the upper class making more than everyone and giving a small fraction back to the lower class that can barely survive on their welfare checks and with more people going on to welfare because they cannot support themselves, the middle class is vanishing to thin air. So it is within the hands of the president to reform the middle class back to the backbone of the economy as President Obama said in his state of the union address.
Now when taking a deeper look at the declining middle-class, every chart, article, and person shows that the middle-class is slowly but surely disappearing or becoming more minute. “The middle class that President Obama identified in his State of the Union speech last week as the foundation of the American economy has been shrinking for almost half a century”(Searcey and Gebeloff). With such a poor middle class it is bringing down the economy and causing havoc for the U.S.A., havoc that might never be overturned.
Over the life of the United States of America...

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...provide cash or other benefits directly to poor families.” (Tanner). Every year 688 billion dollars of the tax money provided by the citizens of the United States is used to support people that don’t work. So when thought about what incentive is there to work, there is simply none. This is why so many people use the programs the United States so easily provides to its citizens.
So when it is thought about on why the middle class is being ripped to shreds and forcing a social class to become extinct, it is quite easy to see why. Between welfare programs and the mass spending of the government taxes that are taken from middle class citizens, the money needed to live on is instead given to government funded programs and spent at insane rates to support people of the lower classes leaving nothing for the middle class. The middle class will soon be demolished completely.

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