Middle Childhood Is The Time Of Children

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Middle childhood is the time where children start to fully develop their skills. They develop their comprehension skills, communication skills, and many more. In order to get a better look into the life of children during this stage, I decided to observe my niece’s friend, Ryan, who is almost at the end of her middle childhood stage. Ryan is an eleven year old girl who attends Bassett Elementary. I choose to observe Ryan because, she is a very unique girl who does not always fit into what the average girl her age is like. While observing Ryan I noticed that she was slightly shorter than her other classmates. Ryan being shorter than her classmates is abnormal for a girl her age, because on average girls are taller than boys during this age. By the of 11, the average height for girls is 4 feet, 10 inches and the average height for boys is slightly shorter 4 feet, 9 1/2 inches (Feldman,2014). Ryan is also a little chubbier than the other kids in her class. One thing about Ryan she loves to eat. This can be, because of all of the unhealthy food I noticed was packed in her lunch box. Also...
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