Middle Ages: The Black Plague Essay

Middle Ages: The Black Plague Essay

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A glance at the middle Ages reveals that the quality of life was determined by one’s job, occupation status and ranking as a citizen. Rights and privileges were given to the Upper Class individuals. Noblemen and women spent their days increasing their knowledge whereas peasants lived their days farming and trading goods. The birth of the medieval era, a new division of society, began with the invasion of the Roman Empire, guided by the Germans. That then subsequently led to the collapse of Roman Empire in 476AD, marking the end of a point in history known as ‘antiquity’. The end of the middle Ages can be characterized as the revolution from the medieval era to the early modern world. Events such as the Hundred Years War, the Black Death and the Wars of the Roses occurred throughout this period and transformed the way the community lived. Because the feudal configuration of the middle ages lacked civil rights for lower class individuals and affected the quality of life for many people, it would not have been pleasant to have lived during the early medieval era. Life was worth living in the late middle ages because housing was developed in an elaborate manner, hygiene standards increased at an extreme rate and a huge amount of improvements were displayed in the development of the agricultural system.
Accommodation was adjusted elaborately throughout the late middle ages. The structure of houses in the early medieval era was moderately standard and undemanding. The homes of higher class individuals were formed up of two timber rooms whereas peasants lived in huts made up of straws and sticks. This was not until the late middle ages when all this changed. The Black Death caused a catastrophic loss of millions of peasants, resulting in...

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...us of crops within an instant.
Even though both early and late middle ages are mutually characterised by invasions and collapses of empires, there were certainly many differences in the level of knowledge and the advancement of the civilizations. Regardless of the countless disasters and tragedies including, the Black Death and serious ecological issues, the late medieval era was also a time when people began establishing major developments; houses were built in an elaborate manner therefore they were much more reliable and consistent, hygiene standards increased at an extreme rate, as a result, diseases and infections were very uncommon and lastly, huge improvements were displayed in the development of the agricultural system. Essential elements of agriculture at the moment such as farming apparatus, oxen, and farming methods were introduced to the medieval world.

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