Middle Adulthood - Original Writing Essay

Middle Adulthood - Original Writing Essay

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and according to his age the life stage, he falls under would be Middle Adulthood. He is a tall person. He is about 6’0 ft tall and by the way his face looks like, he does not look like if he was forty years of age. I say this because his physical features on his face do not look like a normal forty year old. He looks like if he was in his thirties. He always has a smile on his face and is always laughing. He is not skinny nor would be considered fat either. He is average weight for his height and of course also for his age. He is bald, not completely bald either, but he has very little hair but he covers it by wearing a hat. Well as mentioned he is my father. I have known him for 18 years now. The interview took place outside my house. It was a very cold breeze afternoon, but at times the sun would come out it was a nice day.
1.) What do you like the best about being your age?
“What I like the best about being my age is that I have established my life together. What I mean by that is that I have my own family and a job and I know it’s never too late to do what I want at the end.”
2.) What do you like least about being your age?
“One thing I like least about being my age is that I’m getting older and that only means one thing I’m closer to death. But I can not complain about my life it 's good.”
3.) What changes do you foresee in your life in the next five/teen years?
“The changes that I foresee in my life in the next five/teen years is seeing both you and your sister graduate from the university, seeing you guys one step closer to what you guys want to become. Also, seeing your brother graduate from high school. One last thing becoming a grandpa for the first time and living and sharing a good life with your mom.”
4.) What do y...

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... family.” This phrase is considered as a Generativity-versus-stagnation because he is a hard worker and wants the family to admire what he does so he can be their role model and to never give up.
Overall, he showed good knowledge to the particular stage he is in. He is in the Middle Adulthood stage. His response seemed typical to the Middle Adulthood stage. Why because in the Middle adulthood stage they already have a family and an establish work they have their own house and already know what they want to keep on achieving, and striving for themselves and for their family. He showed all the qualities a forty year old man should already have done and is doing at the moment. His responses were not a surprised because all what he said is true. Since he was a child, he was already working so he can know as being a man he needs to be a hard worker and a good role model.

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