Middle Adulthood: An Accomplished Time in Life Essay

Middle Adulthood: An Accomplished Time in Life Essay

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Middle adulthood is an accomplished time in life. A person in middle adulthood has a career, a family, and the ability to care for and guide the next generation. Even better, the individual is neither “young” nor “old” in terms of age. In this stage of development adults can expect to be occupied with creative and meaningful work. Likewise, they get to “be in charge”, a role they have envied since young adulthood. Although this is a quite stable time in life compared to adolescence, individuals between the ages of 45-65 face many issues.
As Erik Erikson described in his eight-stage theory of human development, adults in this developmental stage are caught in a dilemma between generativity and stagnation. Adults in generativity focus on nurturing, creating things that will outlast themselves, and becoming involved with future generations. This affects quality of life now and in the future because generativity makes adults feel useful and it makes them want to contribute more to society.
Alternatively, stagnation is a negative period in life that involves a lack of resolving issues that ultimately lead to self-absorption and zero growth as a mature adult in the future. Some life issues that encourage stagnation are finances, health changes, rocky marriages, family feuds, lack of personal time, unexpected tragedies, children growing old, and chronic stress. These events affect quality of life because they may lead to despair later in life, which is a feeling of unobtainable fulfillment and incompleteness that ultimately leads to unacceptance of life itself and fear of death.
Lastly, one of the challenges of middle adulthood that perpetuates the negative view on middle adulthood is the notion of self-decline and inadaptability with...

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...of time needed to receive a follow-up appointment because I, as your personal life coach, would be interested in how things are developing along the way so I can help you in any way possible. This fifth and final phase also allows the clients to look back and evaluate how much their quality of life has changed for the better.
In all, I think you will find my services for life coaching and comprehensive retirement planning useful and beyond beneficial. You will learn to successfully manage your current life issues in a way that will help construct a solid pathway for your future. Your quality of life with skyrocket and with my help, you will teach yourself to live without boundaries, laugh without control, and never stop smiling. I guarantee that my teachings of an alternative lifestyle approach will make pre-retirement planning and actual retirement a breeze!

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