Essay on Mid-life Crisis

Essay on Mid-life Crisis

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There is a period in the middle of adult’s lives when they start to experience changes in a how they look at life. This period often referred to as the mid-life crisis, is a period of self doubt often accompanied by depression when one starts to realize that their life is half over (Weaver, 2009). It is the period of life starting around age of 37 and continuing through one’s 50’s (Doheny, 2008). During this period a person may evaluate their past, consider their accomplishments, goals they haven’t met and then rethink their future. They may decide to set new goals. Today this period is acquiring a new name, mid-life transition; because it does not have to be a bad stage of life but a new beginning (Doheny, 2008). For better or worse it is a normal part of adult life.
Mid-life transition period is an emotional stage of life when one begins to put a value on their life. We know it as the mid-life crisis because it is an emotional state and can be a time filled with bouts of severe depression that may require professional help to get through (Doheny, 2008). Sigmund Freud thought that this crisis period of one’s life was a reflection of flaw in the development of a person’s ego during their childhood (Weaver, 2009). Many other believe it is a normal part of adult life when one reflects on their past and may experience anxiety about their future (Weaver, 2009). Many people will place a value on their life, the material things they have acquired, their job, successes and failures, and if they feel they have not done well, this can be a terrible time for a person; this is what has given this period of life the bad name of crisis (Doheny, 2008).
Although this period in an adult’s life has often been referred to as a crisis it does not...

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...rry on the way they always s have (Vickers – Willis, 2002). Some may not even think they are going through a mid-life crisis or transition unless they do a research paper that explains it as being the exact actions they have taken in their life.
Although mid-life is an unavoidable stage in adult development it does not have to be a time to dread. Reflecting on one’s past and re-evaluating one’s future does not have to be a negative experience (Weaver, 2009). Mid-life happens to both men and women and depending on how one chooses to face it will determine whether it is viewed as a crisis or a transition. There will be ups and downs, depression and variety of losses but if one realizes that these are a normal part of aging, keeps an open mind, and positive attitude, the journey through mid-life will be a good one. As with everything in life it is what you make it!

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