Microsoft Offers Business Intelligence Solutions Essay

Microsoft Offers Business Intelligence Solutions Essay

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Class report (Business Intelligence) Business Intelligence solutions harness data warehousing and OLAP technologies to unleash opportunities to improve customer service, control costs, maximize profits, and make better decisions faster. These solutions enable organizations to aggregate data from multiple sources, build and manage an enterprise data warehouse, and make sophisticated yet straightforward analysis tools available to all employees. Many companies generate and store large amounts of information on a daily basis, including customer, sales transaction, and financial data. Often, however, the knowledge available in this data is trapped in inaccessible or non-integrated “data islands.” The key to powerful Business Intelligence solutions is to identify the right sets of data and transform them into knowledge about what is happening in your organization right now. By gaining this insight, your organization could achieve substantial advantage over competitors. Although the concept of Business Intelligence (BI) has been around for some time, Microsoft has recently put it in the forefront of their strategy. Their BI solutions, consisting of a loose configuration of products, are being marketed as a necessity to improve a business's bottom line. This paper seeks to examine what exactly BI is and how the Microsoft Tools support this concept. An article on the Microsoft site defines business intelligence as "the process of extracting data from a database and then analyzing that data for information that you can use to make informed business decisions and take action." However, this definition does not explicitly address the big picture goal of BI: to help businesses improve the bottom line. Although analyzing data collected in vas...

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...any truly defines the very meaning of the word B.I, I mean they really are focused on the business they are doing. The company policies and strategic planning ally let you the meaning of the topic. Further more I would say that B.I is something that is to be shown by a company at all point and turnover. They have shown major and I mean major turnovers in some years. They are really focused on their standpoints and goals. One should always consult for help and other kind of guidance’s for the topic. These Americans really have proven themselves one of the most stable and wealthy in this world. The whole market gets turned upside down if this company declares different rates and prices as they know the demand, cost and supply curves from the market point of view. References  HYPERLINK "" 

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