Essay Microsoft Corporation : A Global Leader

Essay Microsoft Corporation : A Global Leader

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Since the early 1980’s, Microsoft Corporation has been a global leader in software technology . Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen , Microsoft’s history with computing and software is quite lengthy as is accomplished. According to their company website, Gates and Allen began small, but went on with the express goal to famously ensure that there was “a computer on every desktop and in every home. ” In subsequent years, Microsoft positioned its brand as an innovative leader in software, and begins to proceed to change the way we work. From producing operating systems for IBM’s Personal Computer , to purchasing exclusive rights of the QDOS operating system from Seattle Computer, to then further modifying QDOS into the iconic MS-DOS — a product that was not only favored by most computer manufacturers of the 1980’s, but also paved the way for Microsoft’s current flagship product, the Windows operating system. Initially, operating the MS-DOS required the correct input of commands in order to work, and through Windows, Microsoft sought to improve the MS-DOS by having programs simply be a click away. Understandably, the subsequent improvements in the Windows OS over the years propelled the now publicly owned Microsoft into being one of the world’s most valuable and profitable companies.
Even with the succession of Steve Ballmer as CEO in 2001 and Satya Nadella as CEO in 2014 , Microsoft continued to be a household name for personal computing, among other things. As we know, Microsoft products and services have ventured into other markets and further hopes to build success with their operating systems in industries such as: the gaming console industry through Xbox, as well as the tablet and smartphone industry— respectively through the...

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...em. In addition, the focus to make more personal computing addresses the threat of low PC sales projected by Gertner Inc. With market trends that push for more 2-in-1 systems, i.e. more efficiency and power for smartphones-- Microsoft’s Surface tablet line, will always manage to improve the computing power of its predecessor while preserving portability per its periodic release. In addition, in further improvement of those markets, Microsoft can also address their competition through more innovation for their technology throughout diversity in their Windows brand. What is most important is, overall, the corporate push to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more ,” is a vision that is not only reflective of the growth to come, but the success to follow. Certainly, nothing less expected for a company as iconic as Microsoft Corporation.

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