Microsoft Code Of Conduct And Anti Corruption Policy For Microsoft Representative

Microsoft Code Of Conduct And Anti Corruption Policy For Microsoft Representative

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The Microsoft also has a standard for their suppliers. According to the supplier section in the Microsoft code of conduct, it state that “Microsoft suppliers must adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and regulatory compliance and operate in the best interest of Microsoft. Suppliers are expected to provide high-quality services and products while maintaining flexibility and cost-effectiveness.” This is a very solid statement that tells customers that the company would have a good service and products ready for the customers. The company also requires the supplier to read and comply with their supplier code of conduct and anti-corruption policy for Microsoft representative. This is to make sure that the suppliers are agreeing and fully understand their standard of business to prevent the company from facing a wrong-doing problem.
In addition, they are managing and protecting information in their company. They have a fair information practices, which they treat information with confidentiality and integrity by protecting the online privacy. This is very good for the business, because they are a business that provide computer system and mobile phones in today’s society. So they have to be very careful when managing the information of the users. If they manage information well, then people would be interested in using their services. Therefore managing and protecting data of the company is the most significant things that every company should do.
The Microsoft’s Standard of Business Conduct clearly states a consequence for not following their standard. The workers who violates the standards are unacceptable. The consequences for violations are varied. It may be from a simple punishment such as disciplinary action, ...

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... it is possible for employees to steels things in a workplace. For example, it could be a cheap things such as pen, paper, staple, and other work equipment. The steeling in workplace also include steeling ideas and work of other people. This is a very serious problem if it occur. In order to prevent this problem, the company should create a very stick rule and install a camera in the office. This will make the person who want to stole has a second thought before he/she commits a wrong-doing stuff.
Overall, the Microsoft is doing a very good job on provides good and service for the people. The business itself is very big and it is one of the company that have a lot of employees in their industries. As a result of all these standards that the company have been developed and follows, the Microsoft becomes a very ethical company that is well-knows throughout the world.

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