Essay on Microsoft : A Intelligent Cloud Platform

Essay on Microsoft : A Intelligent Cloud Platform

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Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and provides products, services, and devices in 190 countries around the world. They sell a wide variety of goods and services including laptop and desktop computers, video games and systems, applications for both phones and computers, and cell phones among other things. Their strategy is designed to allow them to accomplish three key goals: “reinvent productivity and business processes”, “build the intelligent cloud platform”, and “create more personal computing” (Microsoft Form 10-K). The main competitor for Microsoft today is Apple, who competes with Microsoft with its own line of laptops, cloud services, and phones. All of these devices use Apple operating systems and software which are direct competition to Microsoft’s Windows operating system and integral software such as Microsoft Office. Other top competitors for Microsoft include Cisco Systems, Google, IBM, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and Sony, though these competitors may only exist in one of Microsoft’s three segments.
Based on the data in the respective 10-K for Microsoft and Apple (AAPL), the current ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and return on assets can be calculated for each firm for comparison (data relevant to these ratios can be found in the footnotes and are presented in millions). Microsoft has a current ratio of 2.35 while Apple has a ratio of 1.35. This ratio shows Microsoft has a slight edge over Apple as it shows Microsoft has greater ability to meet its current obligations given its current assets. Both firms, however, would be able to meet their outstanding current liabilities if needed by liquidating their current assets, as evidenced by a current ratio of greater than 1. From a risk perspective, Micros...

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...sses as customers whose data is disclosed may not trust Microsoft enough to buy in the future. This scenario was played out with Target last year when credit card information was released, and some customers stopped shopping at Target. This is a low frequency, high severity risk and should be transferred. This could be done with insurance such as the cyberattack insurance mentioned earlier. The final risk is outages, data losses, and disruptions. Anyone who uses Microsoft’s devices and software expects it to be functional at all times, so any disruption, outage, or data loss could hurt Microsoft’s brand and their business. This should be classified as a high frequency, low severity risk which Microsoft should manage through loss control. This could be done through redundancy in Microsoft’s infrastructure—if one data center goes down it is backed up by another.

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