Micropropagation Method For Tomato Plant Essay example

Micropropagation Method For Tomato Plant Essay example

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As discussed by Taylor (1986), tomato is a type of plant from the family of Solanaceae. There are many tomato species around the world. The tomato is not easy to plant in Malaysia and it is also very important as a food for the citizen. This tomato plant is easy to cultivate in area which is in moderate temperature and firstly came from the place which is in dry west coast of tropical South America (Cooper, 1972). According to Picken, Stewart, and Klapwijk (1986), there are several techniques for growing tomato plant which is first plant the tomato into the ground or plant in the medium planting grow in the planting house. Nowadays, tomato has being very important vegetable around the world. The success of the tomato plant is based on the unique on this plant itself and tomato can be categories on two parts which are tomato market and canning tomato. Recently, tomato crop involves in economical activity such as import and export due to the higher demand for fresh tomato and canning tomato (Wener, n.d.). We can determine variety of tomato based on its size and shape. At Malaysia, the cherry tomato is very popular among the citizen because it has good aroma, and also has unique shape. Nutrient such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium is very important for the success of tomato plant growth and development. In addition, the height, leaf area and growth of flower must have good connection with the how good the techniques of the fertilization and the amount of the nitrogen nutrient (Adams, 1986). After that, in the sand condition, when the concentration level of potassium increased, it will give a good result for the growth and development of tomato plant besides it flowering development (Adams, 1986). If the qua...

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...s. Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur:
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