Micromechanical Modelling of Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to Tensile Loading

Micromechanical Modelling of Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to Tensile Loading

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Many innovations in aerospace and transportation industries depend on high-performance structural materials. Metal-matrix composites (MMCs) have received considerable attention due to their superior physical, mechanical and thermomechanical properties as compared to those of most conventional materials. MMCs offer a high specific strength, stiffness and wear resistance, that is much higher than that of monolithic materials. They are also capable to survive higher temperature environments. High performance metal matrix composites such as 6061 Al/SiC are now used in, or being considered for use in, variety of applications within the aerospace and automotive industries [1]. Ceramic material such as Silicon carbide (SiC) is being used widely in high temperature structural applications and utilised as reinforcement in composite material to improve the mechanical properties such as stiffness and wear resistance.
Types of reinforcement in MMCs are generally in the form of continuous fibers, discontinuous fibers (or Whiskers), particulates (or platelets). Among the most commonly used reinforcements, continuous fiber reinforcements are popular because the modulus and the strength of the fibers are completely transferred to the composite. They offer superior mechanical and physical properties as compared to discontinuously reinforced MMCs.
MMCs reinforced with continuous fiber are anisotropic and their degree of anisotropy depends mainly on the degree of fiber orientation [2,3]. In fiber reinforced composites, loads are being carried by fibers and matrix transfer and distribute the load among fibers. Fiber/matrix interphase behavior critically influences the thermo-mechanical and mechanical behavior of fiber-reinfor...

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...ix Composites (MMCs) have been simulated. Normal stress profiles along 00 and 450 on the interface in radial direction of the fiber have been obtained. It was observed from the result that stress transfer from matrix to fiber at a particular tensile loading varies with varying volume content of the reinforcement. In the first, stress transfer increases monotonically with increase in volume fraction of fiber, as the debonding progresses at fiber/matrix interfaces stress transfer decreases. Maximum stress transferred was observed for the 30% volume fraction of the fiber which implies higher efficiency of fiber at particular volume fraction. Interfacial shear stress distribution has also been simulated for various volume fraction of SiC fiber and it was found to be maximum at 30% volume fraction of the fiber. Shear stress was observed to be maximum at the fiber tip.

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