Microencapsulation purpose and definition Essay

Microencapsulation purpose and definition Essay

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Microencapsulation is the technology of packaging solid, liquid and gaseous materials into small capsule by coating the materials with protective matrix or wall materials (Hogan et al. 2001; Cerdeira et al., 2007; Champagne and Fustier, 2007; Madene et al., 2005). In other words, it is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating, or embedded in a homogeneous or heterogeneous matrix (Gharsallaoui et al.,2007). The materials within the capsule that are surrounded by coating materials are known as core, internal phase or fill. The core comprise of just one or several ingredients and they can be a crystalline material, a jagged adsorbent particle, an emulsion, a suspension of solids, or a suspension of smaller microcapsules ( Madene et al.,2005; Gharsallaoui et al., 2007).The release of core materials are controlled and depends on the mechanical breaking of matrix, dissolution of coating materials or melting of wall, by diffusion or pressure (Kailasapathy, 2002). The coating materials on the other hand, can be single or double layerred and they are often referred as shell, wall material, carrier, encapsulant or membrane ( Madene et al.,2005; Gharsallaoui et al., 2007).

Microencapsulation is of significant interest to the pharmaceutical sector (e.g. for drug and vaccine delivery), but also have relevance for the food industry (Champagne and Fustier, 2007). In food industry, the core is surrounded by food grade microencapsulating agent (Gharsallaoui et al., 2007). For example, oil droplets of fat products are dispersed in a continuous matrix of proteins, carbohydrates or saccharides or combination of any two of them (Lim et al., 2011). Generally, the process involve ...

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... because microencapsulation provide controlled release of core ingredients on occasion demands where they are release at the right place and right time in the presence of right stimulus. They can improve the effectiveness of certain foods, broaden the application range of food ingredients and ensure optimal dosage (Goiun, 2004; Desai and Park, 2005). Another uses of microencapsulation are diluting the core materials when only small amounts are required while still achieving a uniform dispersion in host material and separating the components within a mixture that would react with one another (Desai and Park, 2005; Gharsallaoui et al.,2007).

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