Microbiology Is The Biological Study Of Organisms That Are Too Small For Be Seen With The Naked Eye

Microbiology Is The Biological Study Of Organisms That Are Too Small For Be Seen With The Naked Eye

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Microbiology is the biological study of organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye (1). Microbiology includes examining a variety of different microbes such as bacteria, archaea, protozoa, fungi and viruses (1). By examining these microbes, their relationship with people and the environment they grow in, is better understood. These examinations of microbes have played a major role in comprehending how microbes can be helpful and harmful, and how they should best be dealt with. With new and emerging discoveries in microbiology, medical treatments have expanded. In integrating the understanding of microbes in the field of medicine, finding cures to combat harmful diseases, such as HIV, can be better developed. Microbiologist often times identify unknown microbes. When they are identifying microbes such as bacteria, a variety of tests are conducted to help determine different characteristics of the bacteria. By knowing the bacterial characteristics, they can eliminate and narrow down the possible genus of the unknown bacteria. The purpose of this paper is to identify the unknown bacteria in the test tube #53 by performing different tests. Aseptic technique was used throughout these tests in order ensure proper results and to avoid contamination. Aseptic technique is used to transfer microbes from a pure culture to a sterile medium without contamination of oneself, others, the environment, the source of culture, or the medium being inoculated (2). Most bacteria cannot be viewed with the unaided eye and therefore a microscopic examination was frequently used to enable the viewing of bacteria. The use of selective and differential media permitted growth of certain bacteria and inhibited others; this helped indicate...

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...sitive control used for Methyl Red was Escherichi coli and the negative control was Enterobacter aerogenes. The positive control used for this Voges-Proskauer was Enterobacter aerogenes and the negative control for this test was Escherichi coli. The results of the 16srRNA gene for the BLASTn search indicated that the top three matches for unknown 53 were Escherichia coli strain NGF1 (Ident: 100%, E value: 8e-103), Escherichia coli strain 2009C-3133 (Ident: 100%, E value: 8e-103), Escherichia coli strain SF-166 (Ident: 100%, E value: 8e-103). These results are significant because of their high identity matches and low E values. The E value indicates how many identifications happened by random chance; a high E value indicates that the similarities in the matches are probably coincidental whereas a low E value indicates that the matches are significantly similar (4).

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