Microbial Flora And Microbial Pathogenicity Essay

Microbial Flora And Microbial Pathogenicity Essay

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Microbial flora & Microbial pathogenicity

Microorganisms are crucial to the normal function and maintenance of the human body. Without said microorganisms, humans would not be able to live as they do now. They are involved in numerous vital processes which occur throughout a human being 's lifetime such as food metabolism, growth, the body 's immune response against some infectious agents and many others. The population of microorganisms that are present within and around a human being are present from birth, is unstable and is in a condition of continuous change which depends on a multitude of aspects such as age, food consumed and personal hygiene. The health of the individual also plays a key role in influencing which microorganisms are present in greater or lesser number. (1)As stated in Murray’s Medical Microbiology, exposure of an individual to an organism may lead to one out of three likely outcomes. The organism can (1) transiently colonize the person, (2) permanently colonize the person, or (3) produce disease. This means that among the microorganisms that are present, there are those that will cause harm to its host and those which do not. Those that do cause deterioration to its host are called pathogenic microorganisms. On the other hand, those that do not are called commensal microorganisms. Microorganisms live on and in humans in immense numbers of about 10:1. Those which are usually found and do not cause harm to a healthy human host, are considered to be part of the natural flora of said host. Among the microorganism present are bacteria, archaea and fungi, as well as some micro-animals. Bacteria are commonly found to inhabit the skin and mucosal surfaces on several parts of the body. Most bacteria are present in...

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...ophores. Siderophores are substances which help the bacteria obtain iron from its host. Siderophores have a higher affinity for iron than lactoferrin or transferrin. So much so, that it can even steal iron which are already bound to lactoferrin or transferrin. The bacteria will then have receptors for siderophores which are carrying iron on its surface. The bacteria will then be able to get the iron that it needs to multiply. Salmonella and Escherichia species have been known to produce siderophores. Siderophores are considered to be an extremely important virulence mechanism in many pathogenic bacteria.

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