Micro Social Workers Helping the Disabled Essays

Micro Social Workers Helping the Disabled Essays

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Micro social work is the most common form of social work and the social worker engages with individuals or families to solve problems. Social workers on the micro level that work with those that have disabilities do several different things. Social workers often provide beneficial information to individuals that have disabilities about federal benefits that they are entitled too. Social workers can also help individuals apply for social security, family assistance program, prescription program and other programs that certain states have. Social workers can educate parents on benefits that children such as an Individualized Education plan, and accommodations and support for the classroom. Social workers can help parents advocate for their children to get the help that they need in the classroom. Social works on the micro level can help to ensure the rights of people with disabilities when it comes to housing, employment, education and other factors. Social workers ensure that their clients understand their rights and that they are being treated fair.
American Disability Act on a Mezzo level
Mezzo level social work involves interpersonal relations with the families being helped and some community involvement as well. Social workers on the mezzo level work with program such as Vocational rehabilitation, business enterprise program, independent living services, and other services that help individuals with disabilities and help them to develop skills that help them develop skills. The vocation rehabilitation program helps you find a job or return to work. Social workers that work with the vocational rehabilitation program help find keep or return to work. They assist with medical services that are required from individuals to ...

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...macro level. Knowing if the programs are beneficial is important so that changes can be made if the program does not work. Also if there is more funding that is needed to help the program run smoother.
I think that social work as a profession is meant to help our clients be all they can be and to help them help themselves. I believe I will take into consideration every aspect of their lives in order to serve them in the best manner possible. To only look at one aspect of their life or their presenting problem will not give me enough information to come up with a true assessment or treatment plan. Working with those that are disabled encompasses those beliefs. The American Disability Act helps to give social workers a guide of ways to help those with a disability and helps them to figure out new laws that are needed to help those with disabilities.

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