Michelle 's Role Models : A Role Model Essay

Michelle 's Role Models : A Role Model Essay

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Michelle’s Role Models
A role model is someone you look up to, someone you admire. Whether it be a family member, an actor or actress, a friend, or an athlete -- these people who you see as a role model are people you look up to to inspire and influence who you are as a person. They help to better who you are because they care for you. I proudly call my sister, my father, and my grandmother my role models. Throughout my childhood, my sister, Nikki Tam, contributed to my confident demeanor. In my days of early adolescence, my father, Alan Tam, influenced my mindset to establish and follow strong morals. Today, my grandmother, Maxima Ramos, illustrates the quality of strength -- mental and physical strength. Ultimately, those three people made a large contribution to shaping me into the woman I am today.
Nikki Ramos Tam, Nikki, Niks, Nicolette, but I most commonly refer to her as my sister. She is my only sister who is just one year and twelve days younger than me. Though she is younger, she is someone who inspired me to be courageous and stand up for those I love. When we were younger, more often than not, people would ask us if we were twins up until about the sixth grade. Considering we are sisters, we have fairly similar features. Aside from our similar tan skin, we have grown to look in our own distinct ways now. She has a rounder face with high, prominent cheekbones with some acne scars on her cheeks. Under her thick, neatly shaped eyebrows, are her football shaped eyes. When rested she has slightly plumped lips, but when smiling, her upper lip curls in a bit. She has long black to blonde hair that is a bit frizzy, but it is usually tamed by curls or braids. One summer, when I was the age of nine and Nikki was eight, ...

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...hness and emotional strength, despite all her pain.
In life, everyone has those people that they look up to to influence who they are as a person. My sister, my dad, and my grandmother have all taken part to better me as a person in my life, whether they know it or not. From Nikki, I learned to stand up for the people I love after my encounter with the rough boy during grab the chicken. My father opened up about his past to change my mindset and morals to better myself and my attitude toward people around me. From my grandmother, I have learned to cherish the value of life while being a strong person both emotionally and physically. I can say that these three people are the people I look up to to inspire and influence who I am. I hope in some ways, as they have done for me, they could say they have admired me as a role model at one point in their lives as well.

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