Michael Jordan 's Role Model Essay

Michael Jordan 's Role Model Essay

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In 1981, Michael Jordan stepped foot on North Carolina’s campus as a top recruited freshman and was soon to be one of only four freshmen to ever earn a starting spot under Coach Dean Smith. The University of North Carolina was where Michael Jordan’s legacy started, and as of now, it will not end anytime soon. In his playing days, Michael was a second overall draft pick, Nike client, six-time NBA champ, six-time NBA finals MVP, five-time NBA MVP, and a fourteen-time all-star. After his playing days were over, Jordan’s impact on the game and on the fans never died. He is a role model to many people spanning over all generations from old to young. Michael Jordan not only changed the game of basketball, but more importantly, he changed the sports industry. Because of his American values of motivation, dedication, and a hard work ethic, he has helped defined the way society views the sports industry.
When people think of Michael Jordan, the thoughts that come to mind are most likely something to do with his Jordan Brand. Whether it is a commercial, a new product coming out, a billboard on a highway or in a mall, the Jordan brand is everywhere. Nike signed Michael Jordan to a contract when he became a rookie with the Chicago Bulls. Nike did not know this at the time, but more than likely knows now, that signing Jordan was probably the biggest endorsement deal in sports history. When Jordan started to win championships and league wide MVP’s, Nike began making a signature shoe line named “Jordans” branded after the basketball great. While Jordan kept winning on the court, his shoe line expanded, and Nike was on its way to introducing a total new brand called “Jordan.” The brand’s logo is a photo of Jordan flying through the air as he at...

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...ame today. Along with his achievements on the court, the Jordan brand is not going away anytime soon. Jordan’s brand is continuing to grow, and in recent months, has done so through expanding the “Jumpman” logo onto Division 1 football jerseys at the University of Michigan. This made the Wolverines the first football team to sport the “Jumpman” logo in major sports. However, Michigan is a stepping stone with how the Jordan brand is rapidly growing to all sports, collegiate and professional. Jordan also will be remembered with his movie Space Jam, as it brought together iconic American cartoon characters and a real life American icon. Michael Jordan is huge when it comes to pop culture, and he is going to be relevant for a long time due to his motivation, dedication, and work ethic that propelled him to be the American icon he is today who defines the American Dream.

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