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Michael Is An Only Child Essay

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Michael is a 16-year-old male high school student who was recently arrested for possession of marijuana. His parents forced him to go to counseling as a result. The marijuana was discovered by police when searching his car after he was stopped for erratic driving. He was cited for driving while under the influence. He was taken to the local jail where he called his parents who had to bail him out. They did not return home till 2:30 am. Michael’s driver’s license has since been suspended and he has an upcoming court appearance to determine further repercussions.

Michael is an only child. His mother works as an attorney for a large insurance company and his father is a high school history teacher and the high school basketball coach. He has smoked cigarettes since age 13 and currently smokes half pack a day. He uses his allowance to buy cigarettes and marijuana. When he is low on money his searches the house for loose change and has a past history of stealing money from his mother’s purse. As a result, his mother no longer leaves her purse laying around. Every few months, he will attend a friend’s house party or a gathering by the lake where he drinks between five to eight alcoholic beverages in one sitting. He has been smoking marijuana several times a week for 1 year. His usual habit is to meet his friends before school, at lunch break, and after school to smoke marijuana. He has had two “fender-benders” in the last 4 months driving while “high”, although he was able to hide the fact that he was under the influence at the time.

Michael frequently oversleeps, causing him to be late for school. Although he has always been a good student, his grades have begun to go down and he is not meeting academic potential. He was a starting ...

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...nother time with LSD, but reported not enjoying the experience. He first used marijuana with his best-friend, who uses every day. His friend’s mother also uses marijuana daily and is the person Michael buys marijuana from.

Michael appears torn between embarrassment and anger at being forced to seek help. He stated that, although he has not used marijuana since he was arrested, he still has doubts about its harmfulness. He says that he finds marijuana pleasurable and relaxing and that, if he could find a way not to get caught, he would like to continue using it. As the intake concluded, he nervously requested information regarding “hormone treatment.” Upon questioning, he uncomfortably alludes to experiencing gender identity issues. He stated that sometimes he “doesn’t feel right in his body.” He then became withdrawn and resisted further exploration on this topic.

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