Michael Faraday's Contributions to Science Essay

Michael Faraday's Contributions to Science Essay

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The person who changed the history was a guy named, Michael Faraday who was an English scientist. He was the mastermind who conducted three investigations which are very interesting to us. The most important investigations to us are from the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. He brought together the three lines of inquiry, matter, light and electricity which later became known as electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism electrolysis.
This brilliant guy started with electrical conduction in liquids, even though others already begun to study electrolysis but because of his organized and cautious measurements that we know the laws undergoing electrolysis. He also explains that electrolysis is effortlessly understood when referring on the simple atomic theory of matter. The solution that he found was that there is a charge linked to each atom, nowadays theirs charges is called negative and positive ions. Faraday discovers showed the world that atoms do exist, electric charges are somehow associated with the atoms, there are two kinds of charges (positive and negative), and electricity isn’t a constant fluid but is rough flow.
Faraday moved onto electrical conduction in gases. He used a device that he had made, called gas discharge tube. This device had sealed metal electrodes into a tube filled with gas, and then he lowered the pressure with a vacuum pump, after all that he connected an electrostatic generator. The gas inside the tube started to glow with a bright purple color once he had switched the generator on. Mainly because of this device he made he was able to state that electric discharge was created when current goes through a low pressure gas, the discharge color can be determined by the type of gas in the t...

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... In 1897 Thomson brought together all the evidence to finally say that the cathode rays are negatively charged particles and they are much less massive than atoms and also they the same when made from different elements. He discovered the electron as we know now, but the name given to it by Thomson was the subatomic particle.
An American scientist Robert Millikan had done experiments in the 1906. An experiment called Millikan oil drop as we call it today. Millikan observed oil droplets in an electric field. He had found that some droplets were positively charged and others negatively charged, but all had charges that were integer multiples of a certain minimum charge value. That value that was found was the fundamental unit of charge, as we call it e now. Then we combine the measured e with the measured charge to mass tatio to find the mass of the electron.

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