Essay on The Meyer Briggs And Jung Typology Tests

Essay on The Meyer Briggs And Jung Typology Tests

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The Meyer-Briggs and Jung Typology tests indicate that I am an ISTJ with preferences toward introverted, sensing, thinking, and judging, with a two-letter temperament being a SJ. The introverted preference explains that I am focused internally. The sensing preference explains that I have a propensity to gather information literally using the five senses. The thinking preference explains that I have a sensitivity to “right and wrong” decisions and enjoy following rules. The judging preference explains that I function best in an orderly world, using various tools such as to-do lists to accomplish the very idea of organized. Altogether, the ISTJ takes on responsibility and values organization and strong leadership with no patience for those that do not uphold what the ISTJ deems to be necessary in the work place. Type Talk at Work offered insights into how I should behave as an employee and interact with my Director and my co-workers: all personality types bring an aspect of a team to the table and as an ISTJ I cannot be responsible for other people’s behavior, only my perception of the behavior.

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After taking the Myer-Briggs and Jung Typology tests, I have discovered that I have distinct introverted preferences, slight sensing preferences, and distinct thinking and judging preferences (“Leverage Your Personality Type,” 2015). While the degree to which all four preferences apply varies, the test is a good insight into my personality and how I can function in a personal and work settings.
According to The Personality Page my primary mode of living is internally focused, with a quiet and reserved sense of being that is concerned with security and peaceful living (2015). My preferen...

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...ow understand with my personality type being an ISTJ. As ISTJ I have begun to understand how deep-rooted my need for doing the right or lawful thing and making decisions based on that very idea. Ethics plays an almost insurmountable role in an ISTJ. Type Talk at Work (2002) suggests two fundamental points about ethics: I can only be responsible for my own ethical behavior and my perception of another person’s ethical decisions is often based from my own value system rather than the individual’s behavior. This is relevant to the idea that one coworker in particular, to my perception, spends the majority of her time googling things on the computer or looking at cat magazines. It is very possible she is getting her work done with doing all those things, and my view of her wasting company time is more of a reflection of my ethical foundation than her actual behavior.

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