Mexico 's Ongoing Drug War Essay

Mexico 's Ongoing Drug War Essay

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Mexico’s ongoing drug war is taking a toll on the country’s citizens and infrastructure. The country has already been struggling with drug trafficking and cartels for a long time, ever since former President Felipe launched a war on drugs in 2009. Subsequently, it prompted nationwide violence without coming anywhere remotely close to apprehending the drug traffickers. Mexico shows the most devastating after-effects of the drug war as thousands of people died in related incidents a year – its people, economy, and infrastructures are left to pay the price. Efforts to reduce the levels of violence have left a negative impact on the country’s economy. The cost of fighting powerful drug cartels rose to almost $172 billion by 2013 (more than twice Mexico’s foreign debt), according to the Global Peace Index 2014.
Notable cities where the drug war has affected the most are: Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Mazatlán, and particularly Tijuana and Acapulco. One of the main reasons why it has been so difficult to control the drug cartels is the problem of corruption. As the death toll climbed for six years and drugs flowed unimpeded through the country, former President Felipe Calderón claimed that the war was being won (ISR). It is also perhaps simple to say that cartels and criminals did this, but realistically, the majority of the demand comes straight from the US.
In one online blog, photojournalist Claudia Daut reports of her account in the city of Acapulco and writes, “A dead woman cradles the bodies of two dead children at a house in Acapulco March 15, 2011. Hitmen stormed the house…” The majority of substances like cocaine, and marijuana are imported into the states directly across Mexico’s borders. According to the Mexico Touri...

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...s gang hangouts. Several of these groups are very highly organized and carry modern weapons; such as Israeli assault rifles and AR-15s. Global Post reporter Dudley Althaus has spent much of the week with the self-defense groups in Michoacan
These accounts from witnesses and from people experiencing the effects first-hand make many fear that, as the drugs war resumes on, other parts of the country could start living in the chaos that the above-mentioned cities are in. This puts matters in perspective; Mexican citizens have to live in constant fear and are burdened with other problems such as – government corruption, crime, drugs, and a troubled economy. By large majorities, Mexicans surveyed mentioned listed crime, drug-related violence and human rights abuses by authorities as the main problems of their society. It is no wonder that they seek a better life in near-by.

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