Mexico 's Gradual Process Of Political Liberalization Essay

Mexico 's Gradual Process Of Political Liberalization Essay

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The democratic election in 2000 of Vicente Fox was led by Mexico’s gradual process of political liberalization. Vicente Fox is a conservative panista part of the National Action Party and his quest was to strengthen relations with the United States. Vicente Fox’s victory secured the end of the traditional corporatists system, which deprived a PRI federal government form directly subsidizing or rewarding many groups. Then in 2006, Felipe Calderon was elected to the presidency of the PAN as well. In 2007, Mexico sought the commitment of U.S. equipment and training for Mexico’s fight against drugs. “Even so, in Meyer’s view, Mexican democracy under the PAN did not manage to unify the nation, reform the state, or achieve its long-term goals”. (Smith. 2013. Pg. 32) The PRI continues to maintain corporatist links to traditional, pre-democratic organizations, including labor that has not been able to be replaced by the PAN or the PRD. Mexico’s transition to democracy can be explored by asking; (a) what accounts for these developments, (b) what accounts for the intensity of violence that has shaped much of Mexican politics during the past fifteen or more years, and (c) if it is shaped by drug consumption in the United States or if there are other potential explanations. In describing the factors that lead Mexico’s transition into a democracy, I argue that by identifying the events leading up what accounts for the developments, the intensity that has shaped much of Mexican politics, and if it is shaped by drug consumption in the United States explains the rise in drug violence, corruption, and lack of legitimacy of the governing institution by many Mexican citizens.

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...conclusion, in explaining Mexico’s response to why the transition to democracy has also coincided with a rise in drug violence, corruption, and lack of legitimacy of governing institutions by many Mexican citizens, it can be analyzed that the transition to democracy has in fact affected Mexico. The PRI had great power to grant impunity to organized crime. Even though criminal activity was not tolerated, many substantial payoffs to willing government officials were made. “While President Enrique Pena Nieto has insisted that his administration would make no pact with organized crime groups, the more important issue is that such pact would be more difficult to sustain in a democratic context where power sharing complicates the command and control of the state” (Smith. 2013. Pg. 182) The state or the organized groups would have to sort out their differences peacefully.

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