Mexican History And The Mexican Revolution

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Religions played one of the most important factors in the Mexican history, ever since the Spanish conquest, colonialization, independence, revolution, la reforma, and it is still present now days. Most of Mexican population is considered catholic as result of hundreds of years of the Catholic influence. Religious and the church led to many confrontations in Mexican history such as the Mexican revolution where the main flag was the figure of virgin de Guadalupe. Politics and the distribution of power also rose as important issue since the first yeas as independent nation. Porfirio Diaz had a major role in changing the nation’s vision and direction as well as huge inequality among classes. When it comes to centralized power, distribution of power and the different ideas of ruling the country did not only lead to modernization of Mexico but also the led to the Mexican revolution. Religion and politics played important roles in Mexican history which had the led a carbon print in the way that Mexicans live today. Based on the different readings through the semester on politics and religion, I found those two topics to be crucial in the direction of the country. This is one of the strongest legacies that the Spaniard led to the Mexican culture was the catholic religion that is practiced by most of Mexicans today. The influence of the church in the Mexicans can be seen since Hernan Cortes arrived to Tenochtitlan; the clash of the two different cultures as well as the beginning of a religion imposition to the Mexicans natives was the end of magnificent civilization. The conquest of Mexico cannot be review without the consideration of the Cristian missionaries and the blessed of the Christian religion 1.The indigenous conversion to Chr... ... middle of paper ... ...f government and the social group that would lead the nation to its first years as Mexico. The political views of a few with the help of the church ruled Mexico first years without any projection to the future and huge instability.the first years of Mexcico as a nation was no more than government disaster, penury, instability, corruption and civil wars2. It all started with Agustin de Iturbide’s declaration of Mexico as constitutional Monarchy an him as the dictator that took advantage of the situation of the nation. The political division and instability was seen with the conservatives whom wanted to preserve Spanish traditions and to maintain the power centralized in Mexico City. On the other side were the liberals who wanted a change the direction of the country to a federal republic. Such division in political ideas led Mexico to lose the Mexican-American war.

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