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Mexican Drug Issues Essay

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Many problems currently plague the Central American nation of Mexico. Among the most sever of these problems is drug trafficking and production. These problems have been around for hundreds of years but not at such a severe level that is seen now. Many different things work to together to make these problems extremely sever. The misconception throughout the world is that these are to root of the causes. Despite popular sentiment these problems are not caused by individuals in Mexico rather, they are instead caused by external sources acting on and many times taking advantage of Mexico.
The main cause for the current drug problems in Mexico is the way the government is and was structured and the external influences on Mexico. Throughout history many counties have “put their hand” in the politics and government of Mexico. The United States and many other European nations have repeatedly set up “puppet governments” to make it seem like they were giving the people a say when in fact they controlled the government. These so called democracies often existed just so that a foreign government could protect its own interests and business. When it came time for great amounts of political change these puppet governments easily fell and dictatorships and unstable government resulted. Throughout the history of Mexico the United States has intervened into both political and economic actions. When Mexico had finally established a stable government they defaulted on many international loans and owed money to France. France therefore had established an invasion force and was waiting in the Gulf of Mexico, when word of this reached Washington the US sent thousands of troops again into Mexico. This action destabilized an already faltering governm...

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...Many solutions can be offered to solve these problems the most important is an international response. The United States and the world must agree to recognize the current problems as potentially dangerous to global stability and to US stability. Mexico cannot provide the economic or military power needed to disperse these problems. A plan must be drawn up among world leaders to provide aid to the Mexican Government. Another solution can be a global crackdown on drug use; we must first destroy the demand around the world for these illegal substances and then address the weakness of the Mexican government to handle these problems in the future. These among other solution will help to stabilize Mexico. I think that the global community should realize that we all played a role however small in creating these problems and now we should all play a role in solving them.

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