The Mexican City Of Mexico Essay

The Mexican City Of Mexico Essay

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The Mexico’s Federal District, also known as El Distrito Federal (D.F), is home to one of Mexico’s largest and well-known cities, Mexico City. Mexico City, formerly known as one of the world’s most polluted cities in the early to late nineties, has, in recent years they “ have been praised for it’s efforts” (Rivell, 2014), and was awarded the City Climate Leadership Award in 2013. Albeit being awarded his Mexico has a long way to go before they can considered the forefront of sustainable urban development. The federal government of Mexico has taken steps toward a more sustainable Mexico City by enacting several programs such as El Plan Verde (The Green Plan), Decentralización de la Gestión Ambiental (The Decentralization of Environmental Politics/Management), securing a high-chairmen position at the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC), the country has tried to modify/update the street infrastructure in a way that promotes sustainable development, in a social aspect, and has tinkered and tried to incorporate the integrations off urban agriculture as a means of containing urban sprawl.The environmental issues faced by the capital city include urban sprawl, water and air pollution, and misuse and degradation of open land.
Overall Mexico, emphasizing Mexico city, is still considered to be a developing country is plagued by great economic inequality and underdevelopment, and as a result issues concerning unemployment, poverty, and the informal growth of the economy grow day-by-day (Lima, 2003). This in turn cyclically affects the cultural and social values/mentality, the governmental policy proposed/passed. This cycle of economy affecting social values , which then affects the government and so on, is ...

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...e trash and to throw it in the river. Anytime I would question her method of garbage disposal she would stop me and explain that dumping trash into the river is a common practice done since my grandmother was a child. She explained to me that the garbage disposal systems in Mexico were different than those in the US. Where in the US our taxes pay for garbage disposal, one in Mexico would be expected to pay a tip, in addition to their taxes, everytime their trash was picked up. Note that these tips are optional; however, if one refuses to tip the garbagemen their trash is not picked up. Because of this most of the citizens are placed in a situation where they must choose to either pay and have their trashed picked up or being able to buy food for the next day with the money saved dumping the trash in the river. People generally favor buying food over the environment.

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