The Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American War. The Mexican-American war was a process of years of battles between the Mexicans and Americans but I think after this informational paper, you’ll seem to know a little bit more knowledge about it. How it all started, well in the beginning, the Americans and Mexicans both wanted to control Texas, but at the time it was a part of the Mexican territory, well soon enough Americans wanted control over it so badly that they started to travel into Texas’s land. Part of the reason why Americans wanted it so badly was because it was a big land and had lots of resources and just did not want the Mexicans to have any control over it. (“Social Studies for kids” The Mexican American war) As more Americans moved to the land, everyone knew that it would most definitely become a part of the U.S. Another reason why the war between the Mexicans and Americans happened was because the Louisiana Purchase, it had pushed the western boundaries of the United States father than they had ever been. After the victory of Lewis and Clark, more Americans explored and settled in the Louisiana territory, and also Louisiana territory was right next to Texas territory, so the Americans figured if they make the Louisiana Purchase it would make it easier to get Texas. (“Social Studies for kids” The Mexican American war) The war was mainly determined by the idea of “Manifest destiny”,” the belief that the U.S. had a God-given right to occupy and civilize the whole continent.” As a large number of Americans started to go towards the west in search of land, the fact that most of those areas already had people living in them was not acknowledged. Instead, a belief that America would do a better job of running the lands than the Native American... ... middle of paper ... ...he mexican-american war on residents and individuals in both countries clearly violated the just war principles. (“Impact of the Mexican American war”) Works Cited • Julie Singley. “Impact of the Mexican-American War”. Julie Singley. Spring 2005. 04/25/05. • Richard Griswold Del Castillo. “Wars End” Treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo. • David white. “The Mexican-American War” Social studies for kids. • “History of the war” • Christopher Minster “The battles of the Mexican-American war”

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