The Mexican American War Ending By The Treaty Of Guadalupe Essay

The Mexican American War Ending By The Treaty Of Guadalupe Essay

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The following discussion and statements are done so such that they incorporate the ideas and struggles of the Latino races regarding certain subjects down upon the text from chapter “ETHNIC CONSTRUCTIONS” and chapter 2 “THE HISTORICAL DYNAMICS OF ETHNICITY IN LAW ENFORCEMENT”. It seems that as time continues to move forward, humanity seems to stand still on its view on one another. Broad as that may sound it does pertain to the following discussion to come, regarding historical wounds made upon a certain group, the sense of ignorance amongst people, and the slow progress of separation of law enforcement as we seek unity.
There is quote that is mentioned within the text that defines the rest of the chapter from that point on, “Until lions have their own historians, histories of the hunt will glorify the hunter.” (African proverb) pg3. Seeing as this more so takes or relates to the saying that the winners write the history, it can go into the Mexican-American War ending by the Treaty of Guadalupe in 1848. In this event of time the Latino race lost 55% of its territory as the giant nati...

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