Mexican American Forgotten in History Essay

Mexican American Forgotten in History Essay

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World War II brought forward the opportunity for many Mexican Americans to show their commitment to this country . United states was lacking men labor because of the recruitment of men for the army. This gave hope for many that wanted to escape their harsh lives back at home. This war was a fight for power and United States needed more support, which led them seeking help. Latinos made great contributions in World War II efforts but still are those like Ken Burns who believes otherwise . World war II brought a turning point in the construction of Mexican American civil rights awareness. Our thoughts and believes are shaped by what we are presented as the truth which means we are shaped because of those who believe things happened one way. Men and women drafted for the United States armed forces because of the need for soldiers. Many volunteered themselves to escape from poverty; others did it for a sense of manhood or to escape discrimination at home. Some saw this as their start to their new life because they were finally going to show their love for this country. Chicanas helped in many different ways to help this country achieve a victory in this war. Some Mexican American women contributed to military efforts by joining the Women’s Army Corps, WAC and filled non-combatant jobs such as nurses. After drafted the men a problem was rising to labor shortage, which entitled women to make changes. Women who did not participate in fighting the war contributed by helping the labor shortage by obtaining a job that was originally meant for men. The contributions of Mexican Americans in World War II are altered to the point were seen as non-existent because of the altered history we have been taught. Women who did not partic...

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