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Mexican American Culture : Mexico Essays

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Mexican-American Culture
Mexico underwent a number of challenges during the second half of the 20th century. Some of them were related to politics and economics, but the others were directly linked with the social and cultural problems. These problems had many causes, such as religion, defensive attitude of some people toward the neighbor American culture and contradictions that the younger inhabitants of the country could not overlook. It caused still more problems on the personal level and on the level of a community. One of the main problems experienced by the author of “Mericans” and reflected there is discrimination of the women’s rights. The other is inter-cultural communication with the USA. The latter is a main topic of Cisneros’ fiction and is a basic cause for the misfortunes of the Mexican people.
The First Primary Source
The first primary source discussed here is “Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros. This short fictional tale belongs to a larger book entitled “Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories”. The book itself carries a strong message which is an outcry of a person unsatisfied by his native environment, but unable to change it. In “Mericans” Cisneros had shown a brief scene from the view of a young girl who suffers greatly from the discrimination and inequality she has to face. At the same time she encounters American people, and their images shock her into numbness by their easiness and openness, which is rare among Mexicans. Religion fanaticism along with painfully low role of women in this society in contrast with “free” culture of “Mericans” brought a shade of longing and desperation in this tale. Mostly these are caused by the contrast American people make whe...

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... due to the Christian belief of the sin first committed by a woman. Women, accordingly, have to live their life in an effort to compensate their “fault” they are mutually blamed for by the Church.
The story told in “Mericans” goes in accordance with the statistical data and the political-economical researches. Basically, they speak of the same thing – gender discrimination and cultural crisis. Low role of women is shown in the tale of Cisneros, it is confirmed by the statistic research amd explained from the political point of view in the work of Radcliffe. Discrimination of women’s rights in Mexico is a serious and live problem, which exists even today. Partly, the situation becomes even worse due to the influence of the USA and its culture, which is not applicable to the Mexico, but remains extremely attractive nevertheless, causing the parents-children problem.

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