Essay about The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Was Created By James R. Dow

Essay about The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Was Created By James R. Dow

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For 140 years, MetLife has been insuring the lives of the people who depend on them. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was created by James R. Dow, in 1868, during the Civil War for soldiers with disabilities. Today, MetLife provides security and support for families who purchase the insurance. MetLife has become the nation’s largest insurer in terms of insurance in force ( There are many types of advertisements that stress the importance of life insurance policies, but MetLife took their advertisement to the next level; they wanted to relate real life struggles to the importance of life insurance. Most of their commercials are known for including the beloved Charlie Brown character, Snoopy, but this ad is different. MetLife has created a successful advertisement, by triggering emotions and helping relate the importance of family. The advertisement stresses that family is forever.
The commercial begins with a father and daughter are doing their normal routine, walking to school. The daughter hands the dad a letter. Joyful music begins to play. The letter reads, “Daddy is the sweetest daddy in the world. Daddy is the most handsome, the smartest, the most clever, and the kindest. He is my super hero. Daddy wants me to do well in school” As the letter is being read and shown in the little girl’s handwriting, there are clips of her and her dad enjoying each other’s company. The letter continues, “Daddy is great, but … he lies.” The music changes to a more somber music. The dad’s facial expression has changed to a look of confusion infused with sadness. “He lies… about having a job. He lies … about having money. He lies … that he is not tired. He lies … that he is not hungry. He lies … that we have everything. He ...

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...ection between mental and physical safety, MetLife creates assurance that they will provide the protection of your loved ones with a life insurance policy.
According to Peter Noel Murray Ph.D., emotions greatly influence, and in many cases, even determine our decisions ( MetLife kept this concept in mind while releasing this commercial. They have created a successful advertisement, by triggering emotions and helping relate the importance of family. The advertisement stresses that family is forever, an idea that is hard to be forgotten. Since the commercial has been released, MetLife Hong Kong stocks have risen eight percent. MetLife is hoping that the commercial has such an impact on the United States, just as it did in Hong Kong. The company is on a rise for greatness across the world if they continue to use the strategy of values and emotions.

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