Essay on Methods of Political Control for the Roman and Gupta/Mauryan Empires

Essay on Methods of Political Control for the Roman and Gupta/Mauryan Empires

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During the time of (31 B.C.E-476 C.E) the Roman Empire had been ruled by a series of Roman emperors who had been increasingly dependent for the highly structured state of bureaucracy. The Gupta/Mauryan during the time of (320 B.C.E-520 C.E.) was by way of imperial power based on family lineage. The roman heartland was centered in Italy even after Italy had been conquered it still stayed at that single peninsula that had been bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Alp Mountains. As for the Mauryan Empire had been located in India but the empire was brought to its greatest extent in the northwest of Afghanistan and to the east for the Bay of Bengal, also for sometime the Deccan peninsula toward the south. The Gupta first began in the Ganges Valley because of a marriage that had proceeded. Rome had more detailed evidence left behind then the Gupta/Mauryan Empires had for personal records. Each of these Empires were able to establish military power, administrative centers, and currency during their time of ruling. A similarity between Rome and the Gupta/Mauryan Empires is they had regulated the language for everyone in their Empires, while a difference is the Roman Empire had centralized power that had caused rebellions to take place, as for the Gupta/Mauryan Empires, it gave more of their power to the local government needs.
Since the beginning, Rome had been a military state it was central to its life and they had excelled in the technique of organization and technology. Since the Romans had established a formal language they were able to communicate with one another. The Romans had conquered anything that they had seen weakness in and this had eventually made their Empire as large as 60 million people. Their strategy for milita...

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...nt power. As for the Gupta/Mauryan Empire they had the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism in their Empire. For all of the Empires since their religions had become a huge part of their beliefs the administrative government for each Empire had persuaded the beliefs as well. The administrative governments was the based of orders for the kingdom that is where the leaders were at and where the majority of their currency was going, for each Empire. Since Rome had overextended in military and economic wealth there were rebellions against their Empire and over time the Roman Empire came to an end. As for the Gupta/Mauryan Empires they decided on giving more of there political power toward the government that had been based on family lineage. When family members in the government died they became weaker and eventually their Empires came to an end.

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