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Methods Of Method Study Two Essay

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Method Study Two
One hundred and eighty-three people were randomly selected to participate in study two, 59.6% (n = 183) reported being FIU students. Of these 183 participants, 41.7% were male (n = 73) and 58.3 % were female. Ages ranged from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 57 with an average of 25.11 years (SD = 9.33). Our sample population consisted of 11.9% Caucasians (n = 21), 74% Hispanic Americans (n = 131), 7.3% African Americans (n = 13), 3.4% Asian Americans (n = 6), and 3.4% Others (n = 6).
Materials and Procedure
Before beginning the study, participants were asked whether or not they would like to participate. They were briefed that the voluntary study would take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. If the subject agreed to participate, he or she was directed to the survey developed through Qualtrics software. In accordance with the standardized guidelines for informed consent, subjects were made aware of the potential risks and benefits of participating in the study before being introduced to the research material. Once the participant confirmed that they would partake in the study, they were eligible to continue with the rest of the survey, which consisted of two parts.
Before moving on to section one of the study, all participants were instructed to read the instructions carefully. Randomly, each participant received one out of four possible versions of the instructions (One out of the 2 colors, with or without forewarning). Similar to study one, color manipulation was used as an independent variable. Participants were given instructions that were either in red or green ink. Instructions were given out randomly through the use of the Qualtrics software, but it was made sure that enough of each of c...

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... the effects of the red color manipulation by forewarning participants about the link between the color red and avoidance. We predicted that participants given forewarning and the color red would do just as well as participants in the Green condition, while participants in the Red condition that did not receive a warning would ultimately do the worse. Our hypothesis was supported by our data, since participants in the Red Unwarned condition did do worse on the anagram challenge, when compared to the other 3 groups (Green Warned, Green Unwarned, and Red Unwarned). Although this part of our hypothesis was correct, it seemed that the data does not support our thoughts about forewarning. When looking at only forewarning, we believed that there would not be a main effect for the forewarning on the anagram score, but the data suggests that there is indeed a main effect.

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